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The HelloMentor is a practice-oriented mentor training, which deals with event volunteers.

The  HelloMentor training wil be organized in Hungary and Slovakia as well within the framework on a hungarian-slovakian cooperation project. The participants can learn the theory with the help of a the e-learning and a 5 module training, which requires personal presence. Our Mentors are going to have their practice in mentoring volunteers on famous slovakian and hungarian festivals. We can provide places on Sziget Festival, Summer Camp of Gombaszög, Telekom VOLT Festival, Balaton Sound,, STRAND, Gourmet Fesztival, Generali Gyerek Sziget, Music Hungary Conference, Feszt!Eger, Komálom Gyerkőcfesztivál, and the Jurtanapok of Alsószeli.

During the mentor training, our Mentors get to know the world of volunteering, learn the bases of psichology and pedagogy, develop their leader competences, their communication and cooperation skills and get an insight into the events behind the scenes. 

The HelloMentor course was assembled by a professional staff, in cooperation of Szubjektív Értékek Alapítvány,  the TANDEM, n.o. and the Corvinus University of Budapest.

In case that you got interested in our HelloMentor program, apply for our trainings in Slovakia or Hungary!