HelloMentor (English)

Description of the project

The aim of our project is to support the NGOs, the regional identity, and to strengthen the civil society in the slovakian-hungarian border region. Volunteering is a cornerstone of a healthy civil society, therefore tha main aim of our project is to support capacity development and the building of civil networks focused on volunteering.

The project, which is going to be realized between september 2017 and april 2019, is going to develop the crossborder cooperations between individuals and volunteer organizations, by facilitating social participation and joint exchange of experiences, as well as helping the organizations in expanding their regional volunteer base and launching volunteer exchange programmes. During the realization of the project we are going to assess the needs and regional capacity of the NGOs, over and above the voluntary potential in the hungarian-slovakian border region.

We are going to strengthen the NGOs, public institutions and other volunteer organizations of the border region with capacity development, which includes – among others – workshops, trainings, and the exchange of good practices. Also, we are going to organize the HelloMentor program, with the aim to train  regional network of intermediate level volunteer coordinators.

We are developing a trilingual website to connect voluteers with volunteer opportunities. Also, we are assembling an e-learning training program for the NGOs and the coordinators. We facilitate regional volunteer-exchange programmes and the construction of the connected network with a volunteer-exchange program pilot. The subjects of this programme are going to actively participate in the regional volunteer-exchange,  under which we mentor NGOs to prepare them for the reciving of the volunteers.

We make a campaign on television and on social media to promote regional volunteering and non-profit activity. Within this framework, we make a documentary as well.  With our project, regional cohesion and cooperation can strenghten, mutual understanding can develop, common territorial identity can be created and regional nonprofit sector can develop.

The participants of the programme management are: Szubjektív Értékek Alapítvány, TANDEM n.o., Corvinus University of Budapest. The HelloMentor project is a part of the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Program, supported by the European Union and cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund.

Project ID: SKHU/1601/4.1/155
Project title: Strengthening cross-border civil society through the development of a joint volunteer exchange system
ERDF financial support: 114 198,25 EUR
B2: TANDEM, n.o.
B2: Corvinus University of Budapest