Our organizations


Szubjektív Értékek Alapítvány was founded in 2002 in Budapest. Our main aim is to create possibilities for youngsters to realize their creative ideas, and to make project with them that promote cultural diversity. Our goal is also to facilitate the education of unprivileged youngsters, to support their integration, to handle conflicts arising from social inequalities, to create a sustainabel society and to disseminate the European tought in Hungary.

The foundation has been working with the VOLT Production and the Sziget Cuntural and Manager Office for more than 6 years to organize volunteer to the Telekom VOLT Festival, Balaton Sound, Strand Festival, B.my.Lake and the Sziget Festival.

The volunteering activity that youngsters do on the festivals is a kind of special activity that can help them to step into the world of work. Our aim is to facilitate the connection of volunteering and the world of work, and to redound the more and more effective volunteer activities in the framework of the Festival Volunteer Center.


The TANDEM n.o. is a formative and developer non-profit organization, which was founded in August 2009. The title TANDEM is an acronym, each letter means a value represented by us:

T, as TUDATOS (conscious)
A, as ALTERNATÍV (alternative)
N, as NEM FORMÁLIS (non-formal)
D, as DINAMIKUS (dinamic)
E, as EMBERKÖZPONTÚ (people-oriented)
M, as MEGERŐSÍTŐ (reinforcing)

We hold individual and group developments, and realize projects with different topics for different target groups along these values. During our trainings we work with non-formal methods instead of the habitual teaching methosd from schools, in the interest of realzing an experience-based learning besides acquiring the theorical background. This group-method gives possibility for multilevel-develoment to our participants: besides the knowledge we improve their skills and form their points of view. Practicality, experience, development of the participants in safe place but still outside of their comfort zone.

Our next service is counseling. The counseling, coaching and supervision mean a certain personal form of improvement, in which there is a possibility for personality development along specific learning goals, and moving on from certain life situation.

It can be carrier counseling, carrier orinented counseling, individual life coaching, or supervision occasions for educators or leaders, counseling gives the perfect possibility for engrossment, and gives a customized workflow.

Our organization also realizes presentations in topics that we consider as our mission, in other words, we consider them important enough for the people to deal with them deliberately. Primarily we are lead by knowledge transfer, inspiration and thought-provoking, which we pair with interactive presentation form. We work with well-known performers, who are acknoledged experts of the topic, or we share our knowledge in small presentations, or in the form of univesity lectures.

Besides the developing and counseling activity, we realize researches as well. We are searching for answers for queastions that affect the identity, education and youth of the hungarians in Slovakia.



The Corvinus University of Budapest was founded 70 years ago. Since then, it has been representing the highest scientific quality in education and research of economics, social science and state science.  Its undergraduates, educators and researchers get opportunities to cultivate sciences in international communities.  The University not only contribute to the constuction of its undergraduates with the theorical and practical knoledgetransfer, but with urging them to think and to create their own opinions. The Corvinus University and its faculties achieve outstnading rankings in national and internacional gradations. The University has permanently been in the world’s 1000 best universities according to the QS Worls University Rankings. Besides the high objective ranking, according to the undergraduates’ subjective feedback, the university gives an excellent service: Based on the StudyPortals webpage’s “International Undergraduate Satisfaction” evaluation system the university has achieved 9+ (Excellent) qualification. International undergraduates highlighted the quality education, the prepared, enthusiastic and helpful educators, the inspirational, international enviroment and the diversity of the student organizations.

The university has extraordinary contacts with the business, civil, and oublic sector. This cooperation is important for not only the daily opertion, the short-, and long-term developement of the institution, and the realization of joint research-, and developement projects, but also for the involvement of professionals in the education. With this, undergraduates can recieve information directly from the professionals, which help their integration in the labor market.

The presence in the  international scientific-professional life is of primary importance for the university, as it has coopration partnerships on 5 continents  in 70 countries, and participated and participates in countles international projects.  This includes an intesive and extensive slovakian-hungarian relation, wherewith it assured the professional-scientific background on a high professional level for several innovational projects which were held in hungarian-slovakian cooperation.